Saturday, 7 September 2013

Just how Can I Help Someone to Stop Smoking?
Just how Can I Help Someone to Stop Smoking?

Just how Can I Help Someone to Stop Smoking? If someone you know is a smoker, then you have good reason to be concerned. Smoking cigarettes is still the primary cause of lung cancer deaths in this country, and is tied to lots of other terrible forms of cancer and health conditions as well. You might then be wondering just how you can help someone to stop smoking, for good. Get them motivated. Lots of people happen to be still unaware of the horrible consequences that smoking cigarettes has on them. One important key to help someone to stop cigarette smoking is to make them feel excited to quit. What will work with this person? Are they at all health conscious? Do they have children or grandchildren that they want to be around to see grow up? Can you reason with them about the many ways that they are hurting themselves? One way that some have applied to help someone to stop smoking cigarettes is to print out shots of infected lungs and other organs, displaying the comparison between a healthy lung and one ravaged by the effects of smoking. Of course, you might not want to attempt this right around lunch time, as they may just lose whatever it is they just ate! Try to give them support. Often times all it takes to help someone to stop smoking cigarettes is to give them the needed support. Can they really be scared they’ll miss their regular hangouts or parties? Make plans with them to go elsewhere. Are they fearful their good friends won’t want to come around if the house is now smoke-free? Try talking to your friends and explain the situation. Make sure they’re on board as well. Another tool for someone to stop smoking cigarettes is stop smoking aids, such as a inhalers, nicotine patch, pills, nicotine gum, and sprays. What you might do is some research on these products beforehand so that you can present this to him or her, and show how safe and effective these products really are. By giving them this type of support and showing them that there are products that work, you might be able to take some of the fear and apprehension out of the experience. How to really help someone to stop smoking cigarettes. Probably the best help you can give anyone is reassurance, especially if they’re someone that’s tried to quit in the past and has failed. Advise them that this is okay, that many people who are now former smokers had to try and try again before they were successful. By doing all this and by inspiring them, you also can be successful in your quest to help your special someone to stop smoking cigarettes as well!


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